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Conductor automates the management of Dapr on Kubernetes while increasing observability, reliability and security. Conductor enables you to run Dapr in any environment, from development to production, with confidence. Conductor is especially useful as your Dapr usage scales, with management capabilities that span across multiple Kubernetes clusters, regardless of where they are hosted.

With Conductor you can:

Conductor itself consists of a control plane, hosted in Diagrid Cloud, and a data plane which is installed by you to connect your cluster to the control plane. The Conductor data plane can be viewed as a reconciliation engine which manages the Dapr control plane in each of your clusters, ensuring the configuration you specify in the Conductor control plane is enforced. You can install the Conductor data plane components using the Conductor UI, CLI or via the Conductor Kubernetes operator. The installation process will deploy two new resources in your cluster- the Conductor Agent deployment and the Logs Collector daemonset- both of which are contained in the diagrid-cloud namespace.

Introductory video

Getting access

Conductor is a fully managed service running in Diagrid Cloud. If you are interested in exploring the Conductor product, you’ll first need to create a Diagrid Cloud account for your organization. Visit Contact us to get started with Conductor.