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Diagrid Conductor

Conductor automates the management of Dapr on Kubernetes while increasing Dapr workload observability, reliability and security.

Conductor provides both a free plan for individual developers, and an Enterprise plan for organizations and teams managing and operating Dapr applications in a production environments.

Conductor offerings

Below provides an overview of Conductor Enterprise and Conductor Free plans. For more details regarding the available plans, see Plans and Limits.

Conductor Enterprise

Conductor Enterprise enables you to run Dapr in any environment, from development to production, with confidence. Conductor Enterprise is especially useful as your Dapr usage scales, with management capabilities that span across multiple Kubernetes clusters, regardless of where they are hosted.

Conductor Enterprise Trial

Conductor provides a free 30-day trial with support for one non-production Dapr cluster. Click here to sign up and get started right away!

Conductor Free

Conductor Free is designed for individual developers building small-scale Dapr applications within a Kubernetes environment. It provides access to a basic set of features which provide Dapr workload insights on a development or test cluster. Sign up for Conductor Free today!

Getting started

To experience the power of Conductor, all it takes is a Kubernetes cluster running Dapr workloads. To get up and running quickly:

Contact Diagrid

To ask questions and provide product feedback, join the Conductor community. To submit bug reports, please use the Conductor Feedback repo on GitHub.